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Best Display of Civic Pride
If you’ve ever gone on a road trip to Vegas, there’s a good chance you’ve passed through the lovely town of Beaver, Utah—and seen the vast array of “I Love Beaver”-branded memorabilia for sale at the local gas stations. The family-owned business behind this branding campaign has taken its message nationwide with a website called, where clients from across the states can order all the coffee mugs, flasks, lip balm and stuffed beavers they want. You can even request custom-designed, beaver-lovin’ swag. We’re sure this has nothing to do with a certain sexual euphemism that also involves the beloved woodland creature. (PH)

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I Love Beaver is located in Beaver, Utah in the high desert of the Southwest.  We carry a unique line of products commemorating our beautiful area which we love.  Our popular items have been purchased by thousands of people looking for unique gifts, promotional items, giveaways or souvenirs.

Our widely recognized logo is seen by hundreds of people every day and can also be placed on YOUR company’s product for instant profit and increased sales.

Let us help give you an immediate marketing advantage for your special event. If you are an advertising specialist at a large corporation, a small business owner, or non-profit organization, contact us for volume pricing.

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